I've struggled over the last 2 1/2 years to get my mortgage current.Through some luck and a interest rate reduction, I finally have my head above water - I've accrued late fees, and figured now that at least I'm current, I can make a payment on their website, and avoid the $20 fee to pay over the phone.

Well, no such luck with HSBC - I tried making payments through my bill pay service with my bank, but according to HSBC Customer Service, DON'T mail it to the address on your statement, since they only check the "lockbox" at the post office twice a week - If your check ends up in the "second" time, you're late.I even offered to make a payment arrangement on the late fees so I can make my payment online - NOPE - So, I figure to *** them off, I'm going to start sending them checks every day from my bank (no postage needed!) Today I scheduled payments (for late fees only) in the amount of $0.08, $0.06, $0.07, $0.05, $0.03, $0.01, $0.09 - Have fun processing those you evil b&tches (the pissy girl on the phone was named "Jenny", hence the 8765319 (can't send a check for ).00"!

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