I have had a lon through this bank since April 2006 i bought my car at $12,500 at a 12% intrest rate for 5 years.Now by this time I am getting my tax returns back and expecting to just payoff the remaining balance on my loan.


My payments with interest have been $350 a month so that adds to about $4,200 a year in 5 yrs this car would cost me about $21,000 but as of March 2010 my balance is $8,500...

How does this make any sense?I would love to know where my money has gone.

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Yalaha, Florida, United States #135022

My 10,000 car will end up costing me 20,00 by the time its paid off! They've lost my payments twice! :sigh


The same thing happened to me. I had a loan for 5 years and was supposed to pay it off this year and they tell me I have another year.

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