I used to work for HSBC Mortgage in Depew.Some of the Managers harass and abuse the employees; some of the employees are too afraid to say anything because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

Also, some employees harass other employees.

The work environment is toxic. The workers are miserable because the company places high stress on them with impossibly high production requests. One worker was having trouble meeting a production request, so he asked a manager to try his job.

The manager refused because she knew the quota was too high and she would fail.I am not surprised HSBC Mortgage is having financial trouble because many managers there are incompetent.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #582668

My home is being used to laundry money from the drug cartel.Where do I start to get my loan transferred out of the hands of this illegal company?

I have been trying to get a modication since 2006 to no avail, but HSBC can laundry money through my home loan, this is unacceptable. We had to fall behind in are paymenyts and corrently in a Capter 13 Bankruptcy, and HSBC is saying the cannot modify the loan that is in a current Bankruptcy Status. I have recently discovered is this not the case at all. HSBC is refusing to working with us or any consuner, but will laundry dirty money through our home loans.

Lets do a Class Action Suit against HSBC Mortgage Services.before our children find out we are helping to wash money for drug cartells all over the world.

to edna Denver, Colorado, United States #742743

Were you able to get any support in your quest for a class action lawsuit?I would be interested in joining, if you were successful.

I have no idea where to start, but am sure I am a victim of a preditory/deceitful loan.

I tried for a modification last year - they kept me running in circles for 8 months - tried again this year, faxed 79 pages - only took them 4 months to turn me down this time.I am currently missing $2100 in payments I have made to them and has not been posted to my account - which they sold last month!



surprise surprise.Its time the govt. stepped in and made an example out of a bank like hsbc.Then and only then will they work out real modifications.

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