I would like someone else to finance my auto at a better rate and with more human compassion.They are human-less.I have been paying on a 2004 Dodge Neon for 4 yrs @ $225/mo.

I still owe these monsters $5,600. If I am one day late they call me at 8:00 am to remind me of the due payment and the call borders harassment.

I hate HSBC.I was wondering if Eastern Indians owned the co and if not who does.

Could somebody tell me how to re-finance at a better rate and with nicer people?

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A lot of complaints from folks who don't pay their debt obligations on time... What do you expect? Pay your bills!


If your going to be late, why not call them before they call you?Seems like the calls iritate you so put the shoe on the other foot!

If someone owed you 20k and agreed to pay you the same day every month for 6 years, yet they never pay you on time.

Then add in that you have to pay your bills (payroll, benefits, buy equipment, etc) on time....how would you feel?Would you kind of want to know when you will be paid?


Make ur payment ontime ***.. no one will call! LOL ur pathetic.

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