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I have been an HSBC customer for 2 years and the service is terrible.I asked to speak to someone in the Chicago office and I got the run around.

I have sent HSBC tons of business, what do I get spit in the face. They are rude and very very very nasty. I would never recommend them to anyone else. I am paying them, they are not paying me.

What on earth is wrong with them. When the chips fall they will sink for being so rude and nasty to people. My balance continues to rise, over a two year period I have paid $7671.00 in car payments, only $3500 went towards the principle.

What kind of game are these people playing.

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Pittsville, Maryland, United States #22597

Do yourself a favor and pay more than the monthly due..even 50.00 bucks helps..that cuts the principal and less interest. OR get it refinanced from someone else if you can.

Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain #14663

the lites on- but nobody home, thats what happens when you have bad credit and agree to a high interest rate,

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